A Kind thing to do 

I want to tell you a true Story that happened to me as I was driving in the drive through as I went to the front I got out my money but the cashier said you don’t have to pay and tears came down his eyes the people In front of you just payed for your food. After that day I went to the drive through again and I told the cashier let me pay for the people behind me tears came down her eyes and she smiled $34:55 I payed got my food and left and I hope the person that I did that to does agin to another person and that’s my true story plz comment below and tell me your opinion of this story



I had a hard day and you know what I call that life. Life is mistakes you make everyday of your life. Life can be trouble sometimes life is sad happy but your not perfect so you got to go through it sometimes and that my freind I call life

Life without freinds

freinds they guide you to wonderful places they save you from bad they are one of a kind to have without them to me it would be a dark and scary life in my opinion but there is alway a Best friend forever or in other word BFF and this is why I have freinds  this is what I call freind ship freind ship does not have to be a person now this is a pic of me when I was little and my dog it’s still FREINDSHIP Thank you Sadie